Ordinary solar salt is produced by collecting a large quantity of salt crystals from the bottom of the crystallizing pond. But SALT IN DIAMOND is called ‘Flower of salt’ or ‘floating salt’ and each salt grain is harvested by hand before each salt crystal sinks to the bottom of the crystallizing pond.
  • 01Cleaning of the crystallizing pond
    Washed with sea water before each harvest
  • 02Sea water
    sea water comes through water gates from clean mudflats.
  • 03Reservoir and evaporation pond
    concentrated by evaporation of sea water using natural wind and sunlight
  • 04Crystallising pond
    Saturated sea water is sent to the crystallising pond
  • 05Salt crystallisation
    white salt crystals emerge on to the surface and float
  • 06Harvested by hand
    craftsmen harvest crystallised salt by hand
when processing solar salt, artificial drying and short term high heat treatment destroy minerals in salt. In order to preserve its unique taste and minerals SALT IN DIAMOND is processed by drying slowly at a low temperature.
  1. 01Inspection for foreign substances
    In order to preserve solar salt structure inspection is performed only by people not by machine.
  2. 02Drying at the low temperature
    Using wicker tray dryers, salt is dried at a low temperature for a long period of time (preserving its unique taste and minerals)
  3. 03Selecting crystals
    Only beautiful diamond shaped ones are selected.
  4. 04Products
    Natural solar salt products are completed with the minimum processing