Quality management standards
  • production area is clean, located in the biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO and 50 km away from the land.
Pesticides and pollution
  • no pollution from pesticides and chemical fertilisers
  • no industrial sites around
  • very small amount is produced by hand.
  • Only using the same sea water once instead of reusing it like other producers.
Salt works facility
  • ISO22000 / HAPPC Codex certification
  • use of non-hazardous and environmentally friendly materials
  • use of non-hazardous C_PET tiles instead of using PVC flooring found endocrine-disrupting chemicals
  • use of stainless steel nails (preventing corrosion by salt)
  • elimination of thermal covers and non-woven fabrics (removing foreign substances)
  • warehouse made from environmentally friendly timber.
Tools and materials
  • not chemically treated
  • all the tools and instruments are manufactured by us using environmentally friendly materials (except concentration measuring instruments)
  • prohibition of washing, artificial drying, high temperature drying
  • no additives are allowed.