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With only 0.0001% of the world salt production, it is the most special solar salt hand harvested by craftsmen with 50 years of experience.

Salt in Diamond is the first premium solar salt sold at pharmacies in Korea and it is certified to ISO 22000 which is only given to the premium products.

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Salt in diamond is only 0.0001% of the whole solar salt production,
the most special solar salt.

Harvested by hand in small quantities using traditional methods,
it guarantees its uniqueness.

After a long wait when salt crystals emerge each grain is harvested by hand.


From harvesting to processing it is a natural process.

It is produced under stringent conditions in the green saltern, certified by ISO22000 and HACCP codex.
In order to preserve unique mineral in solar salt we minimize processing.
It is slowly dried in low temperatures without processing such as dehydration, purifying and heat treatment.

친환경 자재로 만든 시설에서 친환경 목재로 자체 제작한 도구를 사용합니다.

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Mudflats are high in organics and oxygen due to tidal differences resulting in diverse bio species and it is considered as a treasured ecosystem.
Korean west coast is one of the world’s five mudflats with fertile mudflats due to tidal differences. Also, Most of Korean rivers flowing to the west provide the west coast with rich mineral resources.
Dochodo, Shinan, part of the west coast was designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2009 demonstrating its cleanness and ecological values.